A History of Magic & Witchcraft

A History of Magic & Witchcraft



This is a study of pagan belief and practice around the world, from the first shamans to modern witches and wizards in 530 evocative images. It is a detailed historical and anthropological study of the traditions and practices of witchcraft around the world.


It gives an in-depth examination of magic and its relationship with religion, from prehistory to the modern and post-modern eras. It provides an unique account of how human connection with a spirit world has shaped societies, and the vital role of magic within our cultures. It includes analysis of the ancient cultural traditions from Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas, and of their connections and differences. It is Richly illustrated with over 530 colour images, including fascinating archive material as well as previously unpublished images of modern paganism and witchcraft.


Magic has played a part in most cultures throughout human history. Traditions and practices may differ but essential elements remain the same. This insightful history examines the roots and foundation of magic, and the way it has shaped our view of the universe and our place within it.


This book includes an international sweep of ancient cultural traditions and details the medieval phenomena of witch-hunts that still have resonance in modern society. In addition, it explores the modern wicca movement, tracing the development from the 1900s and its links with the Celtic tradition. Drawing on the work of numerous scholars and experts as well as first-hand research by the author, this fascinating anthropological study invites reflection on the many ways that human beings have sought to relate to the world of the spirit. Lavishly illustrated with archival material, fine art illustrations of legendary magic workers, and special photography, this volume is a comprehensive examination of a fascinating and timeless subject.