Ghosts of the Mcbride House

Ghosts of the Mcbride House


It took Cecilia Back only a few weeks to confirm that her new home - a Victorian mansion just across the street from a historic military fort - was haunted, but instead of fleeing, the Back family stayed put and gradually got to know their 'spirited' residents over the next twenty-five years.


Meet Dr. McBride, the original owner who loves scaring away construction crews and the author's ghost-phobic mother. Try to catch sight of the two spirit children who play with Back's son and daughter and loud, electronic toys in the middle of the night. Each ghost has a personality of its own, including one transient entity whose antics are downright terrifying. Despite mischievous pranks, such as raucous ghost parties at two a.m., the Black family have come to accept-and occasionally welcome-these unique encounters with the dead.

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