Worzel goes for a Walk

Worzel goes for a Walk


Taking a dog for a walk is both pleasurable, and essential for any dog. In Worzel Goes For a Walk, children learn there are important rules that need to be followed to ensure that walking the dog is a positive experience for everyone.


This beautifully illustrated book for children tells the story of a child and a dog going for a walk, told from the dog’s point of view in an easy-reading rhythmical style. As explained by Worzel, an enormous Lurcher with ‘issues,’ new experiences can be very scary for him, although he really, really does want to go on exciting walks. 

The original and engaging illustrations will delight children and adults, as well as educate, showing them the secret language of dogs, and will help children learn how to walk dogs in a safe and responsible way. 

The information presented in this book is endorsed by dog trainers, parents and teachers alike, and would be an essential addition to every classroom, library and children’s bookshelf.



  • An introduction to responsible dog walking for children
  • Told from the dog's perspective by Worzel Wooface - the well-known literary lurcher
  • Lovingly illustrated in watercolours by Chantal Bourgonje
  • All illustrations checked for correctness by dog expert
  • Includes notes to help parents, teachers or guardians
  • A warm and touching story, but instructional at the same time
  • Implicitly learning whilst enjoying the story, creating deeper understanding